Building a Wiki Software with Laravel and Filament

Building a Wiki Software with Laravel and Filament

A Wiki Software, built with Laravel and TALL Stack


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For many reasons, now I have the availability to put my mind to building this solution.

It's now living in this Github Repo, and there are some Live Streamings while coding it.

I started it a few months ago with a different stack. While I didn't have time to make more live streaming on this, I've been changing my stack opinion for this project.

I won't take much time. This post is an outline of what this solution is.

Well, you got it; it's Wiki Software. A wiki is a website or online resource that multiple users can edit.

We get numerous outputs from it:

  • Documentation website (not static generated): may have a public part or be authenticated only, permission-based access, etc.

  • Knowledge base for company internal tools. Versioned controlled documents. Approval workflows.

  • Output to Web and PDF. Network publishing ensures that only published and approved versions are visited by such networks.

  • Web catalogs, eBooks

  • Custom forms, polls

  • Charts and Reports

That's it, and I hope you enjoy it!

This is fully open-source software, MIT licensed.

Should you not know the TALL stack, it's an acronym for Tailwind, AlpineJS, Laravel, and Livewire.

This stack is permissive to receive browser components in another language, such as Web Components or ReactJS / VueJS / other JS. Be mindful - not as a complete application (SPA), but as portions of the screen.

Not only this, a couple of picks take this rapid application development a step (or ten) further: Filament, Fabricator, and Spatie packages.

It will make use of Docker as a development and production artifact. It will also be possible to code with GitPod, a cloud-based development environment; more on that later.

Here is the first video, don't forget to like it if that's the case, and subscribe.

I hope all of this excites you, and let's keep you updated in the future!

Happy coding! ๐Ÿš€